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Independence Embroidery is an American business based out of Owensville, Missouri. We began as a small, home-based operation, and have grown to provide beautiful embroidered items across the nation and internationally.

About Us

Since the invention of the cotton gin in 1793, the textile and embroidery industry has been a staple in the American economy. The American textile industry began in the north, but spread throughout the southern and western regions of the country after the Civil War. At that time, textile and embroidery machinery and dyestuffs had been largely imported from Europe, particularly from England and Germany. During World War I, however, the naval blockage imposed by England on German shipping, and the use of U-boats by Germany to harass English vessels made it essential for America to become independent of Europe and develop a completely self-sustained textile and embroidery industry.

The American textile and embroidery industry thrived until the 1990s, when the "Information Age" began to dominate the "Industrial Age," and a new drive to buy from the lowest cost producer drove many textile manufacturers out of the country. Today, most major businesses outsource textile and embroidery jobs to foreign countries, at the detriment of the American worker and the economy as a whole.

But in spite of the economic trend of the last two decades, Americans have not abandoned their skills, and the land has not abandoned its ability to create quality textiles. Independence Embroidery has been created with the spirit of American entrepreneurism in mind, and we are proud to offer our customers the ability to work together to strengthen the backbone of the economy.

An American Endeavor
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